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Cryptocurrency Exchanges


These are the most knowns of all the countless number of Exchanges.


Bittrex An American Exchange.


C-cexA German oriented Exchange. Started to function at February 2014.

Cex.ioYou can buy Bitcoins via a Credit Card. A little bit higher commission they charge.


KrakenA San Francisco based American Exchange.” This Exchange is famous by the coins they sell which they buy from the ICOs. So during the stepped ICOs Liqui may be cheaper sometimes.

Poloniex An American Exchange

YobitAn Exchange which is Russia.

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Hard Drive Mining with BURST


the Turkish version of this article is also being prepared at the moment.

Below you will find the necessary downloadable links to make you start.

1. Plotting :

If you would like to use your GPU and its Ram to plot your hard drive faster then download this.

It’s your advantage to read this. It’s about the command line parameters.

Download this calculating tool, it’s an exe file but not a virus, so don’t be afraid, I’ve already downloaded and used. No problems at all.

2. Mining:

I preferred this wallet. While I was preparing this article, this wallet was the latest and updated one. It has wallet, plotting and mining software all in one.

This mining tool is faster because it’s making a GPU assisted mining.

We think Burst is going to be much more popular because it’s more decentralised. So the price should increase.

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Hello crytocurrency geeks… 🙂

I would like to talk about a bitcoin miner. This time ASICMINER 800GH/s.
I have placed an order from Ebay yesterday (6th of March 2015).
First I will share some photos of the unit here and some links about the device.
Whenever I receive the device I will place a video about unboxing and seting up the unit.
Latest, if the device works fine, without a problem, I will give statistical information about the income.
I have paid 950 Turkish Liras to the devie via paypal. It makes $270 + shipping $75, makes $345 in total.
So we will see by time if it worths or not.
The ebay link where I have made the order is here :

update 17th of March (Tuesday)
The seller was a little bit late in delivering the parcel. In almost ten days the parcel left UK. It is now in customs in Turkey/Istanbul.
I’ll make a phone call in the morning if I can go and pick my miner today. 🙂

update 17th of March (Tuesday)
Yes the miner arrived. And the final setup took 2 days of mine.
First I noticed a bended aluminium corner which should not affect the functionality of the miner. Most probably something bad happened during shipping. Th electric power adapter which is 12V 1A was also broken. The adapter is for the block erupter. Luckly I have found another one.

While I was struggling with the cables and the shelf I cut one condansator (or whatever name it has) dropped on th floor. One of my friends who is an electronics engineer attached this item on the board professionally. I was lucky.

This miner did not work with pool.
With Slush or it started to work for some time but later dropped to 50GH/s ? Whatever I did, did not help. But I have found that it’s working with Slush pool with Slush’s proxy software which download link is :
You run the proxy on a dedicated pc/server and point this pc’s ip to miner configuration as pool url.
Then everthing works great.
I’m planning to put additional info here if I find sometime, but Doggie’s posts in look sufficient as well…

update 10th of April (Thursday)
The Fan is very noisy this is the bad point. I’m planning to replace the stock fan with 2 fans (one push + one pull one). I do not know when am I going to do this because I have a new miner coming on the way, an Antminer S5. S5 is also a noisy thing. I need to figure out what can I do to reduce the doise. I have installed a Desibel Meter (Sound meter) to my android cell phone so I’m planning to use it during fan tests. There are a lot of ideas and preactices mentioned at, I will try to find the best way to reduce the sound, in a cheap way and with low temperatures…

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An unsuccessful attempt to fasten an Antminer S3+ by applying new thermal paste

Dear friends and followers,

My Miner was working at 430-440 GH/s with some hardware errors. I decided to reduce some hardware errors on my Antminer S3+ bitcoin miner. In order to do that I decided to apply new thermal paste replacing the fabric one. I found a trusted brand thermal paste. Everthing was ok at the beginning. 🙂

in this video I told everything. But the video is in Turkish.

I first disassembled one of the coolers. Then cleaned the old thermal paste. Then re-applied the new thermal paste. Later when I restart the machine, I noticed that I have lost a row of cpus. They were not functioning. There are 32 cpus in Antminer. I cleaned 16 of them and reapplied the paste. 8 of them is not working anymore. So this is a good point to understand that, sometimes (you should feel it, I could not) you should not touch a machine which is working just fine, to fasten, to make it better or whatever the reason is. Don’t touch.

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List of Bitcoin Sites in Turkish and in English

Hello All,

Sites with Turkish content: Turkish forum section (Bitcoin Exchange established in Cyprus) (Bitcoin and Litecoin Exchange)

Sites with English content : (You can change the language from the upper right corner)