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Hello crytocurrency geeks… 🙂

I would like to talk about a bitcoin miner. This time ASICMINER 800GH/s.
I have placed an order from Ebay yesterday (6th of March 2015).
First I will share some photos of the unit here and some links about the device.
Whenever I receive the device I will place a video about unboxing and seting up the unit.
Latest, if the device works fine, without a problem, I will give statistical information about the income.
I have paid 950 Turkish Liras to the devie via paypal. It makes $270 + shipping $75, makes $345 in total.
So we will see by time if it worths or not.
The ebay link where I have made the order is here :

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An unsuccessful attempt to fasten an Antminer S3+ by applying new thermal paste

Dear friends and followers,

My Miner was working at 430-440 GH/s with some hardware errors. I decided to reduce some hardware errors on my Antminer S3+ bitcoin miner. In order to do that I decided to apply new thermal paste replacing the fabric one. I found a trusted brand thermal paste. Everthing was ok at the beginning. 🙂

in this video I told everything. But the video is in Turkish.

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List of Bitcoin Sites in Turkish and in English

Hello All,

Sites with Turkish content: Turkish forum section (Bitcoin Exchange established in Cyprus) (Bitcoin and Litecoin Exchange)

Sites with English content : (You can change the language from the upper right corner)

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Samsung Win i8552 a short review with photos

It has been more than 20 days I have bought this phone. I have bought it from one of the Turkcell shops.

I like the phone. It has a 4.7″ size display. It still comes to my mind to buy a bigger screen one. But I could not find a bigger display DUOS phone from Samsung. 🙂 Anyway, it would not be possible to use a bigger display one with a single hand. Bigger display smart phones are for people who note their everyday tasks to their smart phones. If you are using your phone to talk to people more than 5 to 10 times a day (with a DUOS phone for sure you do at least 5- to 10 calls a day) then 4.7″ size is good enough. With a single sim card and if you use your smart phone rarely a day than a bigger display size may be very useful for your other tasks.

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WordPress 3.3.2 installation on Windows Server 2003 – Step 1

Hello friends,

WordPress 3.3.2 can be run on Windows server 2003, I mean with IIS 6. My wordpress installation was successful but installatin steps were hard enough. After the installation, I felt like discovering again the continent America. I have collected the necessary infos from the Internet. I have read articles and watched videos. Finaly, here you are the steps of the installation in order. It took 3 days to have a stable installation. (Am I stupid ? I do not think so). I have reinstalled IIS6 2 times. As you may understand from my writing till here, I’m am not a webmaster. If you are going to install WordPress on IIS6, I’m sure you will take the advantage of my writings below.

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Gateway IP Monitor – sends your modems’ changed IP address via e-mail

Whenever I started to web hosting from home for the first time, as every beginner, turning the modem off and back on again was creating a big problem because of the changing IP address. After every IP change event, I was updating the name server records. Because I was hosting more than one web site, it was a nightmare to change all’s DNS records.